What is it?

It is a unique calcium hydroxyapatite-based dermal filler approved by the FDA and COFEPRIS, designed for the reduction of moderate to deep lines, lifting and contouring with increased collagen-based volume, and for a long-term improvement in the skin quality Radiesse is also used to correct the loss of volume on the back of the hands.

How does it work?

Radiesse is a collagen stimulator composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance that is naturally present in the body so it does not cause allergic reactions. It is biocompatible and totally degradable. This substance has been used for more than 20 years for various clinical treatments.

After treatment

It gives an immediate lifting effect and immediate volume.


Rejuvenation from the first session and natural appearance.
Immediate and lasting results LIFTING effect.
Radiesse stimulates the production of collagen naturally.
Fast and barely painful treatment, about 15-20 minutes.

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