Is it safe to use Dermapen treatments in women in their early stages of pregnancy?

Although the application of Dermapen without topical (i.e. dry puncture) is safe, Dermapen is not typically recommended for pregnant patients.

What topical anesthetic cream do you recommend?

Your Dermapen professional will recommend a topical anesthetic cream appropriate for your situation. Dermapen training includes instructions on the choice of anesthetics.

Can I use Dermapen on the cheeks without hyaluronic serum? And for the length, can I use it with 1.5 mm on the cheeks?

It is recommended to use Dermapen with HA-BOOST hyaluronic acid. This causes Dermapen to slide on the skin without excessive pressure.

I have pores on my full face, so let me know if the Dermapen pen is useful for me.

If your dilated pores are acne scars, Dermapen is indicated for this condition. Dermapen is highly effective for acne scars!

How long after treatment do I have to wait to wear makeup?

After 2-3 days, patients can return to regular skin care products. Vitamin A products are optimal and suggested.